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  Artist - Roster (all genres) Stand: February 2017  

Angelspit   Angelspit
  Gothic / Electro from USA

Angels & Agony   Angels & Agony
  Electro / Industrial from Niederlande

Burn   Burn
  Gothic Rock / Alternative from Germany

... more about BURN
Christian Death   Christian Death
  Gothic Rock / Alternative from USA

DAF   DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft)
  Electro from Germany

... more about DAF
Essence Of Mind   Essence Of Mind
  Gothic / Electro from Norway

... more about ESSENCE OF MIND
Gabi Delgado   Gabi Delgado (DAF)
  Electro from Germany

... more about GABI DELGADO
Heimataerde   Heimataerde
  Medieval / Rock from Germany

Ignis Fatuu   Ignis Fatuu
  Medieval from Germany

... more about IGNIS FATUU
Ikon   Ikon
  Gothic / Darkwave from Australia

... more about IKON
Ingrimm   Ingrimm
  Medieval / Rock from Germany

... more about INGRIMM
In The Nursery   In The Nursery
  Gothic / Ambient from UK

... more about IN THE NURSERY
Godswill   KeinePanik (formerly known as GODSWILL)
  Rock / Alternative from Germany

... more about KEINEPANIK
Legend   Legend
  Electro / Industrial from Island

Levinhurst   Levinhurst
  Gothic / Darkwave from USA

... more about LEVINHUST
Men Without Hats   Men Without Hats
  Electro / Pop from Canada

... more about MEN WITHOUT HATS
Me The Tiger   Me The Tiger
  Electro / Pop from Sweden

... more about ME THE TIGER
MicroClocks   Microclocks
  Rock / Alternative from Germany

... more about MICROCLOCKS
Nosferatu   Nosferatu
  Gothic / Rock from UK

Persephone   Persephone
  Classic / Gothic from Austria

... more about PERSEPHONE
Pink Turns Blue   Pink Turns Blue
  Darkwave / Gothic from Germany

She Past Away   She Past Away
  Gothic / Darkwave from Turkey

Tyske Ludder   Tyske Ludder
  Electro / Industrial from Germany

... more about TYSKE LUDDER
Twice A Man   Twice A Man
  Darkwave / Alternative from Sweden

Vomito Negro   Vomito Negro
  Electro / Industrial from Belgium

... more about VOMITO NEGRO
Whispers In The Shadow   Whispers In The Shadow
  Gothic / Rock from Austria

Zweitfrau   Zweitfrau
  Pop / Alternative from Austria

... more about ZWEITFRAU


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